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Discovery Flights

Interested in learning how to fly a plane? Schedule a discovery flight with us today to get a feel for what a flight course entails. For first time flyers, we suggest taking a pilot discovery flight to help our students see what it's really like to pilot a small plane. Not only will you get to see the beautiful Canyon Lake, you will get to see in real time what it takes to fly. 

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Learn To Fly Private

The next step for our first time flyers is to look into our flight training rates and instruction. Then, our instructors will help them purchase an online pilot training program to begin our flight school ground training. As a Part 61 school, our students have the ability to gain flying hours towards their private pilot license, and then move onto getting their instrument rating and beyond! Whether you just want to fly on weekends, or you’re working towards a career in the airlines, On The Fly Aviation will partner with you to help you take the steps you need to achieve your individual pilot goals.

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