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About Us

On The Fly Aviation is an FAA Part 61 flight school operating out of the New Braunfels Regional Airport in New Braunfels, TX. We are a faith-based, family-operated, veteran-owned company that is conveniently located between

San Antonio and Austin, TX.


Flight Training 

On The Fly Aviation offers flying lessons coupled with customizable pilot training programs for those wanting to earn their private pilot's license, and instrument flight training ratings. 

For our first time flyers, we offer discovery flights that give our students the chance to get behind the controls of either our 1979 Beechcraft Sundowner, or one of our two Cessna 172's. This will give our students the chance to get a feel for what it's like to fly a plane.  

If you’re interested in becoming a pilot, we offer pilot training to help our students achieve the requirements necessary to get a private pilot's license. With the one-on-one lessons we provide, you will have the ability to learn in-depth techniques at your own pace in a laid back environment. 

For those that have flying experience, we offer refresher courses to help our students get back in a plane. Our private pilot refresher training will help you get comfortable once again in the pilot's seat. If you are an aircraft owner, you are more than welcome to train in your own plane. 


Fly with us in our 1979 Beechcraft Sundowner. It is rugged, spacious, and easy to fly!

We also have two Cessna 172s on our fleet which are a favorite amongst the flight training community. 

We will soon be adding new airplanes to our fleet so we can offer more rating capabilities.

Start your flight training with us today!


New Braunfels Regional Airport - KBAZ

Meet The Team

otf owners.jpg

Will & Dana Bellamy



Will and Dana founded On The Fly Aviation in 2021. 

Will is a retired military veteran who has served in the US Marine Corps and the US Army. Will has an associate degree in Aeronautical Airframe Powerplant Mechanics and is an FAA Certified Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic. 

Will and Dana are aircraft owners and have been passionate about aviation since childhood. Dana is a licensed pilot who started her pilot journey as a youth in Sydney, Australia, where she was raised. 


Shurrece Kovalski

Manager and



Hi, my name is Shurrece Kovalski.  I’m the proud wife of a Retired Army Veteran, an Army Veteran myself and the mom of two amazing teenagers.  I’m new to the aviation industry and learning from our instructors and students every day.  I enjoy being able to ask our expert instructors questions throughout each day because it helps me to help guide our wonderful students.

When I’m not here at On The Fly Aviation, you’ll find me watching my son continue to compete in Football and Pole Vault or traveling around Texas watching my daughter show her goats for her High School FFA Chapter.  


Brett Davies

Former Lead Instructor

Aviation Consultant


Brett was bitten by the aviation bug at an early age. His father flew fighter aircraft in the United States Air Force and then had a long career with American Airlines. Because of this, Brett grew up around airplanes. His family also owned a Cherokee 6 that they often took trips together in.

Now, Brett takes care of, and flies, the family Cherokee 140. He loves to operate, and sometimes work on, any vehicle he can get his hands on.

Brett has over 1,400 hours in the air and has passed all his checkrides and tests on the first attempt. His ratings include CFI/CFII/MEI, along with High Performance and Complex endorsements.


Samuel Huddle

Lead Instructor


Hey, my name is Sam Huddle. No noteworthy nicknames so far. Most that know me call me thought-provoking and detail-oriented. 


My pilot pursuits are a long story that I would love to tell you in person. In short: private pilot done in Lockhart; instrument, commercial, multi-commercial done in Dallas metropolitan area; CFI completed in Leesburg, Virginia. 


Nearly a decade of line service technician/operations experience at various airports. I am recently married with a 65Ib Labrador named Jewels. I like all sports but lately, basketball and longboarding are my go-to’s.


My short-term goal is to take my CFII Checkride. My long-term professional pilot pursuit is undecided (ie: airlines or private). However, I am currently a Senior Cadet with PSA airlines.


Riku Fujimoto

Flight Instructor


Hello, I’m Riku!! I’m from Japan. 


When I was a kid, my mom took me to the airport almost every weekend.  I’ve always wanted to become a pilot.  I went to Japan Aviation High School, studying aviation.  I was one of the members of a glider team, so my first flight was at 15 years old.  


I got my Private Pilot License as a high school senior.  I was planning to become a pilot in Japan but I got the chance to come back to the USA to become a Certified Flight Instructor!!

I love spending time in the air so I always enjoy the unlimited sky every flight!! “Let’s Enjoy Blue Sky”

Screenshot 2023-01-13 at 1.24.47 PM.png

Jackson Trussell

Flight Instructor


Hello, I’m Jackson! Growing up right next to the DFW airport and always seeing the planes come in to land and take off has fascinated me. After high school, I began my aviation journey after getting accepted into the American Airlines Cadet Academy.

I love the challenge of aviation, and it’s pretty cool having the best office view in the world. I’m very excited to continue down the path of flying, and cannot wait to see what else the beauty of aviation has in store for me. When I’m not up at On The Fly Aviation, I’m most likely cheering on my Dallas sports teams, or on the golf course!


Ian Kamp

Flight Instructor


Hi, I am Ian!  Flying has always been something I wanted to do before I could talk.  While earning my Aviation Merit Badge in Boy Scouts, I was able to take a discovery flight at the age of 12.  I did my first solo flight at 16 and obtained my Private Pilot Certificate at 17.  Currently, I have a Commercial Certificate for both single engine and multi-engine.  I am also a CFI and CFI-I for single engine.  I graduated from Montana State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Japan Studies and earned a Master's of Business Administration at University of Texas at San Antonio.  I am currently wanting to become an Airline Pilot.  Outside of aviation, I enjoy photography and doing geeky things like attending Renaissance Faires and Comic Conventions.

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